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Huasheng Tiandi logistics is a modern supply chain management company that uses data and technology to guide logistics collaboration. Integration of international transport resources, port clearance, warehousing services and other advantages of resources, and well-known foreign express companies:UPSUSPSDHLFEDEXSuch as docking, to achieve seamless distribution of foreign distribution services. We are committed to providing a safe and convenient one-stop logistics service for global cross-border e-commerce enterprises and export enterprises.

We pay attention to the customer experience, provide a rich number of special routes, such as air, sea, land, and so on. According to the customer's needs, we can build the customer's exclusive logistics service. We understand the complexity and various needs of cross-border e-business, and the timeliness is very much concerned by customers. Huasheng world has a full range of business chain monitoring system, the logistics order status tracking and supervision, we guarantee the economic limitation to reach the destination, to ensure delivery speed and on time to the customer's hands to the reliability of the hands.

Customer demand is our way forward; customer criticism is our driving force for improvement; customer growth is our growth. Developing high quality line channels and solving logistics pain points is the important task given to us by the times. We will build the first brand of cross-border e-commerce logistics service with our heart, adhering to the "the first time, customer first" management concept, providing customers with professional, safe and quick quality logistics services.

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